Losing weight, according to science

One of thepurpose most recurrent among women is finding ways to lose weight without diet ; To achieve this, they resort to numerousmethods to guarantee them the lost from those kilos more to show off a figure stylized and earn more Health


TheOrganization of Consumers and Users of Spain confirms, through research, that 94% of women and 88% of men have tried slim down through a plan or council, this is because 73% of women and 54% of men have more weight of what they want.

These data show that needslim down , therefore, today we want to share three unusual ways to lose weight that have been scientifically proven.


Losing weight, according to science

1. Transplant of microbes. Scientists from the School of Medicine at the University of Washington they assure that transplantmicrobes intestinal infections is an effective, although not common, slim down .

In the experiment they found that this method works whenmicrobes , from the bacteroid family, extracted from thin women are housed in the intestine of a person with overweight or obesity promotes weight loss along with a diet rich in fiber and low in saturated fat.

Jeffrey Gordon, responsible for the research, explains that knowledge of the composition of the intestinal flora could contribute to the implementation of treatments customized for fight the obesity and the diseases of the tract digestive .

2. Cold. Stay in environments with temperatures of 15 degrees centigrade It is ideal for lose kilos , to that conclusion they arrived researchers from the Medical Center of the University of Maastricht .

The cold oblige body to have more energy expenditure and generate more brown fat , beneficial for caloric burning and to preserve the temperature bodily adequate .


The mechanism of defending implies an expense of up to 30% more compared to the burning achieved in environments warm

3. Chocolate. Incredible, but by consuming it in a way adequate and for the mornings can to lose up to seven kilos in eight months , confirm researchers from the University of Tel Aviv In Israel.

Other investigations of universities of Granada in Spain and of San Diego , California, United States confirm the effectiveness of chocolate to maintain the ideal weight

Although this candy has many calories , if you consume it in the mornings in moderate quantities, do not exceed 25 grams , you will achieve reduce the body fat .

The researchers explain that this effect is due to the amount of flavonoids or antioxidants who owns chocolate , since they work like antithrombotic Y anti-inflammatory , favorable for cardiometabolic health.

Remember that the excesses They do not lead to anything good, so it is recommended that all efforts that focus on your weight loss plan be indicated by a doctor , who has the resources that will guide you in a way customized . Do not forget to have physical activity Regulate and eat healthy.

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