Avoid overeating due to anxiety attacks

It is normal to feel guilty for not being able to control your appetite, but willpower is useless when attacks of anxiety caused by the so-called: "Brain of Gordo" .

If when you wake up you are not very hungry, but in the afternoon you feel anxious to eat, then you get fat because of the "Brain of Gordo" .

In addition, the fact of needing medications to reduce appetite, evidence that your diet is lacking proteins

This situation is complicated in the diets without enough proteins, since in these cases the metabolism , and even eating little, it is not possible to keep losing one gram.

How proteins reduce appetite?

Sure you have heard, the idea that it does not matter if you operate your stomach, but if you do not do something with your brain, you will not be able to maintain your ideal weight.

The proteins provoke hormonal changes They inform the brain that they should stop eating. When eating foods with sugar (carbohydrates ) and foods with fat (lipids ) the feeling of satiety does not occur.


Proteins, allies to lose weight

The muscles are the "ovens" where the calories . People who do not exercise need more help to prevent muscle wasting. Therefore, proteins are able to prevent the metabolism becomes slow caused by muscle loss in people who do not perform exercises .

Losing weight by accelerating metabolism (without losing muscles) allows you to "break the diet" without getting fat again.
Some proteins improve the action of insulin .

On the other hand, the consumption of sugar-containing foods stimulates the production of testosterone in the ovaries . Excess carbohydrates in women cause male symptoms: Fat in the abdomen, hair loss, acne, infertility, polycystic ovaries, insomnia and snoring.


Say goodbye to flaccidity

The skin It consists mainly of a protein called collagen and whoever does not ingest the necessary proteins will devour the proteins of the skin .

Appetite control is involuntary and without the help of proteins, impulses that lead to eating could not be controlled. Especially in patients who take medicine to lose weight, such as Chinese pills or carnitine.

Remember that you should not let yourself be controlled by your "Brain of Gordo" , who wants to make you skip breakfast. You must eat until you are more than satisfied to decrease your appetite for the rest of the day.

Food should work like the "medicines "To decrease the appetite . Following a healthy lifestyle you will be able to slim down without attacks of anxiety By controlling your "brain" and by accelerating your metabolism, you will notice how you will lose weight forever.

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