When a person suffers from anorexia he does not want to gain weight, he is afraid of doing it and he does everything to have a weight lower than the healthy minimum.

A study carried out by researchers of theKing's College and University College (London) , women with a history of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia have more fertility problems than women without this history.

If the problem is addressed with time and is treated by a multidisciplinary team, you can get pregnant but you have to continue under medical evaluation because there is a risk of you suffering from pregorexia (anorexia during pregnancy).

The anorexy It can resurface during the first months of pregnancy and is characterized because the woman becomes obsessed with her weight gain, feels that she looks too fat and tries to avoid getting fat.

The pregnant mother who suffers from anorexia must have a permanent prenatal control, in addition to a psychological control.

Each therapist must evaluate their patient and for the treatment to be successful, people with eating disorders should want to change.

Here we present the cases of some famous women who had anorexia and could get pregnant.



The singer and actress suffered anorexia during her adolescence and managed to leave her with the support of her family and a team of multidisciplinary specialists.

Anahí shared through her Instagram account an image of her pregnancy under the legend:


God is so good, with great joy I share with you all the most beautiful news, My gift of God. "

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