Almonds and Nuts

Menopause in women is a complicated process, but eating can make your development less heavy.

Following, the foods that you should eat before reaching menopause :


Almonds and Nuts

The almond is rich in calcium; Decalcification in the bones is one of the consequences of menopause.

In the same way you need good fat to generate hormones that are lost with age, almonds and nuts contain this type of fat.

Hummus is another good option, it is a cream of chickpea puree that in turn works as an antioxidant.



Dark chocolate

It contains magnesium and this reduces stress. It works as a natural tranquilizer, keeps neurons active and influences the production of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that produces happiness and good cheer.

A bar gives us 28g of magnesium.

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Spinach and asparagus

Spinach and asparagus are rich in folic acid, which helps regenerate cells.

According to studies carried out by the Harvard University , mood swings and depression are symptoms that should be taken into account, as they can be aggravated.


Specialists reveal that folic acid is a substance that helps depression and mood changes.




The enzyme Q10 is necessary for energy and concentration, which reduce from 40 years of age.

Eating sardines at least twice a week will give you energy and keep your concentration high.

These are the Foods you should eat before menopause , they will help you both physically and mentally.


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