Caregiver fatigue syndrome vs quality of life

More than half of the caregivers of patients with schizophrenia , they affirm that they stop maintaining a normal coexistence with friends at the moment in which they dedicate themselves to "take care" of their family member, which reduces their quality of life.

Unemployment, Social isolation , depression , anger , fatigue and go to , are some of the symptoms of Carer's Fatigue Syndrome , because although it is important that patients who are ill have the necessary services, we must not forget that the people who help them, especially when they are not professionals, require comprehensive help.

According to the survey: Impact on caregivers of patients with schizophrenia, Realized by Voice Pro Mental Health , the majority of those who take care of patients with schizophrenia, In Mexico, they are the parents, especially moms.

In an interview, Graciela Camera , representative of Voice Pro Mental Health, association of caregivers and patients with some type of mental problem, said:

"If we add to this that on average 76% of the caregivers are people over 46 years old, it causes their working life to fall apart and have economic problems, coupled with emotional problems such as stress , anxiety , depression , etc.".

In this regard, the Chamber called on all institutions to take action on the issue of the importance of training and physically, mentally and monetarily supporting people who are "caregivers":

"Knowing the conditions faced by a caregiver, is essential, to have a close relationship between specialists, associations and health institutions, to achieve the reintegration of the patient and their families."

Data from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), reveal that 250 thousand people are hospitalized each year mental disorders , where 5 out of 10 patients suffer schizophrenia .

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