Goodbye toxins!

Did you know that there are fruits that help purify the body? Well, this is the case, some of the vitamins and minerals that they contain are fundamental for the organism to eliminate toxins of natural form.

Specialists like Montse Brandford, expert in natural and energy nutrition , point out that for clean your body You only have to eat at fixed times, eat early and eat more fruits that improve the functioning of the liver and other organs.


Goodbye toxins!


1. Apples and pears

Pectin-rich foods, such as apples and pears, will help you remove "radioactive waste from the body," according to the specialist. Pectin attracts toxins, facilitating their elimination through urine and feces.


2. Lemon

In addition to all the vitamin C it contains, it enhances the body's alkalinity, which helps to balance the acidity of the food we consume and thus maintain balance.

Thanks to this, the organism discards the toxins that we assimilate by the diet and the environment in a more effective way. It is highly recommended to squeeze the juice of a lemon in hot water and drink it every morning