Afraid of the attractive

At some point maybe you have experienced some kind of fear . When this is taken to the extreme, then we talk about a phobia . You've even heard of some as common as the excessive fear to the heights (acrophobia ), to closed places (claustrophobia ), but what do you know about the venustraphobia ?

This is one of the phobias considered one of the strangest and most unusual that reflects a fear unjustified and excessive of men for the beautiful women . Nothing to do with shyness or nerves, considered to be normal to some extent, to approach an attractive woman.

The symptom of venustrafobia or calliginephobia go from the anxiety and attacks of panic . There may also be shaking chills , pain of stomach, Sweating of the hands, stammering , tachycardia , trembling in legs and even difficulty breathing.


Who suffers a phobia He tries not to expose himself to the feared object or situation and if he is forced to face it, he does so with a high degree of discomfort. Usually experienced palpitations tremors shortness of breath and it is possible that a panic attack "Says the psychologist Verónica Tamburelli, of the Medical Research Center in Anxiety in Buenos Aires, argenitna.


Afraid of the attractive

The men who suffer venustraphobia They do not go out or talk to beautiful women, this is because they have probably experienced some past negative situation with women in general. There are even psychologists who claim that this phobia can be developed by those who have lived through failure or rejection with this woman stereotype.

Other causes that favor the development of this phobia they are the low self esteem , hereditary predisposition, inferiority complex, as well as fear of rejection . Men who are not considered attractive are also vulnerable to feeling inhibited by the presence of beautiful women.

According to the psychologist Virginia Sánchez , the venustraphobia it is treated clinically like any other phobia : with therapies psychological, face the stimulus progressively and in extreme cases with antidepressants and other medications indicated to treat the anxiety .

For its part, the psychologist Verónica Tamburelli considers that an effective psychological therapy is behavioral. The live exposure technique is applied, in which the therapist carefully prepares the patient to gradually bring him closer to the cause of his phobia . The goal is to tolerate anxiety so that fear disappears.


We also work with other behavioral and cognitive techniques: training in relaxation , breathing , visualization, as well as self instructions, "explains the specialist of the Anxiety Medical Research Center .

To overcome these phobias , it is necessary that men increase the trust in themselves and in case of seeking professional help, be committed and motivated to comply with the treatment indicated so that their quality of life is better. Do you know anyone with this type of fear ?

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