Advantages of consuming raw products

The processed meals They have become a way of life in modern times and this has had a profound impact on the health of the people.

Consume raw food It may seem impossible, but the practice has become surprisingly popular. Numerous nutritionists have shed the conventional wisdom that humans need to consume cooked and pasteurized food to maintain the nutrition they need.

They have written books about ingesting raw meals and developed feeding plans according to this thought and many of those who want lose weight or improve your health have taken this path.

The subsistence allowance of raw foods are strictly limited in foods that can be consumed, but rarely have portion restrictions, because meals that do not need to be cooked are usually low fat and they only contain natural sugars .


Nutrition and raw foods

The primary components of the diet of the raw meals are fruits , vegetables , walnuts Y seeds . The fruits Y vegetables they have a lot fiber , vitamins , minerals and it seems that they provide the proteins Y fatty acids that our bodies need.

However, many nutritionists worry about the inadequate amount of calcium Y proteins in the diet of raw food .

Yes it is possible to get enough calcium Y proteins with some raw food if you eat enough foods that contain these nutrients. If you can not do this, you will need to get them in another way.

The supplements they are an option for those who are strict in eating only raw food , but being in a diet of raw food it does not necessarily mean that you can not eat anything that is not cooked.


Cooked products

Carry one diet with 100% food raw It is very difficult to maintain. The reason is that it is easier to obtain all the necessary nutrients from a less restrictive diet; most do not limit themselves to eating only raw food .

Many plans of raw food allow the consumption of some cooked foods and in some cases they can form up to half of the diet of a person.

Consume raw food It is an intimidating proposition for many, but it does have many benefits. It can improve health in general and for those who want lose weight , can help them to say goodbye to those extra pounds.

In the same way, many report an increase in energy when they only eat raw foods. Carrying this diet requires a lot of willpower, but the faithful proclaim that it is worth the effort.

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