6 tips vs winter depression

In this winter season and holiday season, thousands of commitments and pending tasks can generate much stress . For this reason, some studies show that at this time one in 10 people suffer from seasonal affective disorder or winter depression .

Despite the joy that holidays generate, the Energy of people decreases in the winter months, due to social obligations, shopping, weather and the decline of sunlight, says the doctor Drew Ramsey, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, in New York .

According to information published by The Huffington Post , the Christmas season does not have to be sad, all that is needed is a plan that includes exercise , a diet balanced and perform with optimism your activities That's why here we give you 6 tips to combat depression .


Be happy in the winter!

1.- Control your levels of vitamins : It is important that people have an adequate dose of micronutrients D and B12, to avoid depression and strengthen your system immunological .

2.- Take a long walk around the city: Taking a long walk in the morning generates happiness and relaxation . In addition to staying active and fit, you can appreciate the beauty of the places and nature in the winter season.

3. Avoid the crowds: During this month it is common to find many people in the shopping centers, which generates stress , anxiety Y despair . For mental health make your purchases online or wait for the end of season sales.

4.- Feed your brain : Excess of fatty foods and soft drinks can make you dizzy and weak; better eat vegetables, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and products rich in omega 3, which are antidepressants natural

In addition, some specialists point out that eggs, chickpeas and lentils help the body recover after an excessive intake of alcohol.

5.- Volunteer: Maybe it's a cliché, but one of the joys of Christmas is to help others. You will feel more satisfied with yourself and leave negative thoughts aside.

6.- Make a diet Healthy: The holidays always leave a few extra kilos in the body. It is important that you do not eat more than you are used to and try to balance your food. If you have a craving for a snack, you can eat nuts like walnuts.

Take advantage of these holidays to show your loved ones the love you feel for them; give kisses, hugs and a smile to those who are by your side.

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