Foods that improve your quality of life

Undoubtedly, the desire to be healthy and feel better, is the desire of every human being, as our energy increases, each organ works properly and the quality of life of the person improves drastically.

Therefore, the Phytotherapy Research Center of the Universidad Veracruzana , has prepared a list of the main herbs, fruits and vegetables that contribute to improve health and prevent a large number of diseases.

Among the more than 80 varieties, here we highlight some:

1. The avocado is used practically everything, from its seeds, leaves, to the shell. Serves for hair, improve skin, eliminate parasites and to induce labor.

2. The leaves of anise are used for empacho and belly pain.

3. Arnica leaves are used against dropsy and fever.

4. The branches, leaves and root of the batamote are recommended against scabies, the bad smell of feet and prevents hair loss.

5. The latex and the bark of the cacaloxóchitl serve to heal wounds, petty and sprains.


The benefits continue

6. The root and stem of the candelilla are useful as purgatives and to relieve headaches and toothaches.

7. The fruits, leaves, bark and root of the capulín serve against the colics and the constipation, as well as in respiratory sufferings and cough.

8. The dandelion plant is good against liver ailments.

9. The epazote is recommended against asthma, dysentery, intestinal parasites and eviction of worms.

10. The flowers and stem of the governor contribute to the relief of kidney and gallbladder stones.

11. The mullein bark serves to relieve low back pain and arthritis.

12. The bark and stem of the guayacán are used against tuberculosis, rheumatism and syphilis.

13. Mesquite leaves and buds are used against sunburn, sunstroke and conjunctivitis.

14. The sap, resin and root of the tascalama are useful against ulcers, phlegm and goiter.

15. Melissa plant is good for scares, indigestion, nerves, heart, insomnia and ulcers.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, at least 90% of the population in Mexico uses medicinal plants to alleviate their ills. Take it into account! And enjoy more of your day to day.

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