Smoking could cause osteoporosis

The sedentary lifestyle , the malnutrition , the smoking and the alcoholism accelerate the wear of bones , which is generated by a natural process of aging from 50 years of age, indicated Leonel Nieto Lucio, orthopedist of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

The boss of Hip and Pelvis Surgery Service of the Traumatology Hospital, 'Dr. Victorio de la Fuente Narvaez ' , of the IMSS, explained that even a hip fracture becomes deadly for one in four people who suffer from it.

According to information published by the , the greatest risk of suffering osteoporosis , disease that diminishes the quantity of minerals in the bones, it presents the women in relation of three to one, with respect to men.

The expert explained that the problem may originate in genetic factors and nutritional, as well as in the menopause precocious period, a period in which the hormones named estrogen .

Smoking reduces the absorption of calcium in the intestine and the high consumption of alcoholic beverages damages the liver, where the metabolism is metabolized. vitamin D, which intervenes in bone formation, said Nieto Lucio.

He clarified that the most common fractures are those of the hip, which have a direct impact on the quality of life of the patient, followed in importance by those of 'wrist' and spine.

Statistically, between 25 and 35% of patients with hip fractures die in the first year of life, so the specialist stressed the importance of working on prevention.

Although the studies focus more on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of disease in women, "... in a man with osteoporosis Mortality can be higher when a fracture occurs ... ", said the orthopedist.

According to the latest reports, 78 million people suffer osteoporosis , in the United States, Japan, Latin America and Europe; of this figure, 8.9 million patients will suffer fracture and 4.5 million will be located in Latin America.

To delay this wear, the doctor recommended a diet adequate, physical activity daily and timely detection of diseases related as overweight , obesity , diabetes , chronic renal insufficiency and, in the specific case of women, adequate control of the menopause .

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