5 tips to avoid body odor

Body odor, also known as osmidrosis or bromhidrosis, is a disorder that occurs mainly by microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) that develop in the body. sweat when the necessary conditions exist, such as lack of hygiene.

Our skin It measures, on average, about two square meters and in each square centimeter of the organ we have more than 600 glands that produce sweat . But this perspiration is made up of 99% water and therefore does not produce bad body odor.

People who sweat excessively may be susceptible to bad body odor, but in reality the disorder is linked to where the body occurs. sweat and the type of glands involved, mainly the Apocrine glands

The simplest solution for bad body odor, as well as the main one, is to have a better personal hygiene; However, there are other ways to avoid it, depending on Robert Hicks, specialist in general and genitourinary medicine at Kingston Hospital, in England.

1. Clean clothes. Wash your clothes with the highest possible temperature and dry them because the bacterium It can survive in wet clothes and produce its characteristic odors. This is recommended especially for teenagers, since when they are switched on hormonally and frequently, more is produced sweat .

2. Avoid the ingestion of toxins or beverages alcohol and stimulants such as coffee, which increase the production of sweat.

3. Do not consume food like garlic, onion or strong spices, whose aromatic products can be eliminated by sweat.

4. Make use of infusions or lotions made from plants with antibacterial or fungicidal properties, such as sage, apple or lettuce.

5. Avoid wearing very closed shoes or that they make you sweat much, such as sports or tennis, in addition to using clean cotton socks or keep the bare foot as often as possible to prevent the effects of fungi.

It is important to always know and perceive any change in our own aromas, because if you suffer from Sweating excessive or bad body odor for no apparent reason, could be a sign of a more severe disorder or condition.

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