Your best ally

The acupuncture it is a practice that involves stimulating specific parts of the body, through the insertion of very fine needles, which create a change in physical functions, so that it can be really beneficial for the athletes .

Among the benefits of acupuncture are found to decrease nausea and vomiting after surgery or chemotherapy , and help to release the chemicals that regulate blood pressure, says the National Library of Medicine .


Your best ally

But the acupuncture It can also be used by the athletes for different aspects, he says Jennifer Dubowsky , acupuncturist and author of the book "Adventures in Chinese Medicine" . These are some ways in which you help them according to the expert.

1. Relieve your pain. The athletes often suffer from tension and injuries , so the acupuncture helps the pain that cause them to disappear without having to worry about side effects, which for example, cause the drugs or fail in the tests antidoping .

It manages to be so effective that in fact, the acupuncture affects the long-term ability of the brain to regulate the pain , say the researchers of the University of Michigan .

2. Relax your muscles. They train for thousands of hours that "punish" their bodies, because the acupuncture increases the Blood flow throughout the body, helps them to be prepared for the next day with relaxed muscles and without inflammation .

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