10 tips to flirt during vacations

The holidays They offer us a multitude of possibilities to enjoy a link casual or live a Romance passionate, you never know if in the Beach or in a airport You can find the woman with whom you always dreamed

Why find the love It is easier for you, we propose a series of tips that can help you:

1. Take advantage of the waits in airports and stations to meet the girls.

2. Shine your body on the beach . Remember that the healthy habits , a good one feeding , Y sport They are always in fashion

3. Meet your neighbors in the pool . Do not stay isolated Try to meet as many women as possible.

4. Do not waste time in transit . Better said, take advantage if you're stuck in the highway or city to try to meet more people.

5. Flatter your tour guide . Especially if it is woman , so that it reveals some points or ideal places to flirt .

6. Differ from the "competition" . Have character and personality, in addition to having good self-esteem. When you are with her talking, always highlight the most positive of you and do not pretend to coincide with her in everything.

7. Do not abuse alcohol . It is a mistake to try flirt in drunk state , the best thing is to show you in your five senses.

8. The ideal is to be direct and sincere . Women love the Sincerity and compliments . Do not give it many laps, it shows a good sense of humor and do not exaggerate in the compliments .

9. Go to bars, discos or beaches where you know there will be many women. Do not focus on one, the ideal is to have several options .

10. Take advantage of the scenarios . If you have been able to relate to any woman , invite her to the sunset, to a romantic dinner on the beach, or at a sports adventure in wild nature.

Do not forget that something infallible is the good attitude , show yourself as a person with desire to have fun and surely you will get it enthusiasm . There are many types of personalities It is also not necessary for each of them to have a strategy , before which, the best advice could be that you have confidence in yourself and be aware of the possibilities.

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