1. You do not know what you want

If the marriage is around your life and you still do not feel safe accepting it, it is one of the Signs that getting married is not your thing , so you should consider making a good decision not to regret later.

A study conducted by the psychologist Daniel Gilbert , of the Harvard University , indicates that married people are happier than single women, this is because they are healthy, live longer and have more sexual relations.

However, to achieve this level of happiness with your partner you must be sure that you really want to get married, so we give you some signs that it is not like this:


1. You do not know what you want

If you do not have defined objectives and you live up to date without making plans of your family life, it is a great sign that you are not ready for marriage.


2. You enjoy your independence

Feeling free and doing what you want when you want, is a lifestyle that would be frustrated when you get married. It is best to make a plan that helps you decide when you are ready to live with someone.