Does revenge generate satisfaction?

All human beings, at some stage of their life, have experienced the desire to punish an individual, which under their perception has caused them an evil or damage. To this emotion or idea, it is popularly known as the sweet pleasure of the revenge , but how rewarding is it?

Example of revenge is what they have come to fearVictoria Del Rosal and Sandra Vidal (ex of Pablo Montero) during the recording of a reality show it got out of hand. The dispute led the driver to the hospital with sharp wounds to her face, neck and chest. Sandra Vidal is now under investigation.

A study conducted by the University College London and directed by the neurobiologist, Tania Singer , notes that the revenge It is not only linked to satisfaction but also to the mechanisms of appetite.

The research had the participation of two groups of volunteers, one of whom interacted in a game called "The Prisoner's Dilemma", the other group remained as a spectator.

The game consisted of dividing the group into pairs, who had to pretend they were criminals. The specialists played the role of police and interrogated each individual separately; the objective, that one of the parties will betray the other.

Through a magnetic resonance scanner, it was discovered that in the brain of the spectators, when observing the traitor to act, there was a greater activity in an area of ​​the brain followed by the secretion of a hormone called ghrelin, which is also the responsible of appetite.

As a second stage of the investigation, the traitors were given a punishment by means of electric shocks. This situation produced another reaction: pleasure, which is derived from the release of serotonin.

The pleasure that can be experienced with revenge is reaffirmed with another study, which was carried out by the University of Zurich and published by the magazine Science . In this, it was found that the area of ​​the brain in which joy is produced, the dorsal striatum, is activated when one person rebukes another for having committed a fault. The satisfaction of this action increases if the person does it by his own hand the revenge.

The revenge it is an emotion that can gratify, but also harm. Because it can generate actions that harm both the person who inspired it and the person who feels it.

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