Stop the damage!

Do your friends and co-workers talk bad about you? Beyond having a susceptible personality, there are occasions that what "Others say about you" makes a dent in your self esteem and life, to the extreme that can make you very unhappy. That is why it is important to learn to control it.


Negative comments affect us because we have given them power to influence us, since they come from important people, for whom we feel affection or affection. In this exchange of emotions we believe or make the mistake of thinking that by giving them the power to influence our mood is a way to correspond to this exchange ", says the psychologist Fanny Franco.


Stop the damage!

It is difficult to put a stop to emotions that are experienced after receiving a negative comment, but it is not impossible. Here are 5 keys that will help you not to be affected by what others say about you. Try it!

1. Do not answer Always avoid answering them with another hurtful or unpleasant comment.

2. Do not take it personally. He understands that the person who is saying it has flaws or that the way to say it is really saying it to him, only that he does not understand it and can not improve.

3. Teaching . Find out what you can learn from that comment.

4. Relax. Take it with a good attitude and with sense of humor .

5. Ignore or ignore the negative comment. Do not compare yourself to the idea of ​​victim, but rather to someone who can forgive others and not carry something that does not belong to them.

6. Set limits. If it is really our friend or is someone close to speak at another time and expose the situation in a constructive way, it can help a lot.

A hurtful comment is that comment where one seeks to retaliate with the other person, that comment that brings implicit envy, anger, frustration, etc., and that actually has nothing to do with who receives it, if not with who is generating it.

Remember that you emotional health and physics is in your hands. Beware!

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