Oral hygiene is an obsession for Katy Perry

At 27, the singer Katy Perry have an obsession with hygiene oral, so it performs up to six times a day. In addition, it has a fixation with whiteness of his teeth and he has panic to suffer cavities .

According to the pop star, as a child she was very afraid to visit the dentist, because in her first time she was discovered 13 cavities , so since then he brushes his teeth every moment.

The Californian singer envied the white of the teeth of Britney Spears , so that since she was young she proposed to look like her.

"I want my teeth to be as white as Britney Spears' I grew up watching her music videos and thinking," How do you do it? Do you always wear new teeth? They're very white, "Katy acknowledged, but what she did not know was that Britney had artificially bleached them.


Know everything about whiterexia

Many people, like Katy Perry, become obsessed with cleaning mouth to have white teeth, that the whitening dental becomes a addiction called whiterexia .

The whitening dental that is performed correctly by dentists and not recurrently does not cause damage to the denture; However, when this technique is abused, it can trigger some long-term dental problems, such as loss of parts and damage to the gums.

According to information published by PlanetaProntal When a very white denture is sought, it must be abused in the application times of the peroxides (chemical compounds), which penetrate the tooth and react with molecules that cause spots or changes in color.

Omar Anabalón , dentist of the Vidaintegra Medical Center , points out that the inappropriate use of hydrogen peroxide or the products used in whitening damages the surface of the tooth, makes the enamel more porous and causes the loss of minerals.

The specialists point out that in order to achieve an enviable and healthy smile, a proper brushing of teeth must be carried out, as in the following video:

Remember that all excesses cause damage to health, so make a hygiene orally after each meal or, at least, three times a day, to avoid infections or diseases in the zone.

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