Reduce your hunger with an ancestral practice

Yoga is an ancient practice from India, which has as basic pillars for health exercise, rest, positive thoughts and nutrition; the latter, essential not only to lose weight but to learn to eat better.

According to researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center , yoga helps weight loss and consequently, decreases a person's chances of suffering from obesity.

Specialists indicate that this weight loss originates due to an increase in body awareness; that is, the regular practice of yoga is associated with conscious eating, and those who do so are less prone to obesity and usually have a better diet.

Yoga offers concrete guidelines for food; it must be healthy at the same time for the physical body, the energetic body, the emotional body and the mental body.

Yoga discards all foods that poison the body and favors those who provide nutritious, clean and healthy elements for the body, easy to digest, foods that allow you to use your faculties and talents; Examples of these are vegetables, whole grains, dried seasonal fruits and soybeans.

In the exercise of yoga, nutrition is one of the fundamental points for success, therefore, with information from the specialist María Eva Torres , we add 5 tips so you can eat better through this philosophy:

1. Include in your diet cereals, vegetables and fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, milk and its derivatives, and honey.

2. Avoid too many processed foods. It is preferable to organic in which the addition of harmful chemicals is avoided.

3. Eat varied, simple, rich and with fresh products.

4. Eat slowly, savoring each bite.

5. Part of the concept that your body is like a sacred place that you must take care of and keep clean. The function of food should be limited to the nutrition of cells, the recomposition of tissues and the activation of energy.

Eating better is something that should start from you. Health awareness is something that starts from the individual. If you want to lose weight, take care of your diet!