Lose weight with social networks

People of the same gender, body mass Y weight they can help each other to improve their physical condition through continuous interaction in social networks, according to a study published in the magazine Science.

Coexistence with people we know can influence our behavior and spread benefits such as the feeling of happiness, but also some behaviors related to diseases such as obesity , loneliness and sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the study of physical conditioning applied to more than 700 people divided into two different communities, it was determined that those who were grouped with "friends" with similar characteristics adopted three times more healthy behaviors than those grouped with people at the same time. random.

During the investigation, the participants had to decide whether to adopt or commit themselves to use a journal of diet online. Through a control board, participants were notified if their friends adopted the behavior and the results of their own.

In this sense, a greater percentage of participants with overweight decided to adopt the diet diary in these communities compared to the volunteers who were not. And not a single participant without similarities was recorded in the newspaper.

In general terms, communities grouped with "friends" significantly increased the probability of adopting a diet , especially among those volunteers with less physical condition, which shows that the dissemination of healthy habits in some networks can project common goals such as losing weight, according to the study. And you, would you adopt a diet with your friends on social networks?

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