Leonardo Dicaprio

Being famous has many advantages. Among them, walking with beautiful women ...

Many of the celebrities walk with models and even though their relationship did not work they follow the pattern of walking with models.

Walking with models is related to status. When celebrities walk with models, they feel confident and generate status.

However, studies conducted by the University of Abardeen they assure that there are men who follow a certain pattern of women. And weakness for thin women is more common.

The celebrities that walk with models are:


Leonardo Dicaprio

Currently the Oscar winner maintains a relationship with Toni Garrn.

A model of the lingerie brand El Secreto de Victoria.

The blonde model is only 22 years old, while Di Caprio has 39.

The actor is also known for maintaining romantic relationships with models.

Among them are: Giselle Bundchen (Brazilian), Bar Rafeili (Israelite), Erin Heatherton (Australian) and her current partner is German.

It seems that Leonardo does not lower standards and has a fixation for the models.

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