Goodbye to the denture

There are people who still think that losing teeth It is a natural stage of aging. This is a big lie. The care oral hygiene In older people it is, in fact, more delicate than in any other phase of life and must be done regularly to prevent painful diseases, loss of teeth and improper mastication.

If the older person has followed correct habits throughout their lives, there will be more possibilities to enjoy a strong and healthy denture for the rest of their days. But if it has not been like that, and the passage of time has wreaked havoc on your teeth, you may need the help of special instruments to reinforce or replace teeth that have been damaged or lost.

There is no need to worry, today, the technology offers different advances that move away from rudimentary dentures.

4 most used resources

  1. Crown or sleeve , completely covers a damaged dental piece in order to protect it and prevent it from fracturing and can be made with material that looks similar to a natural tooth
  2. Bridges , replace one or more missing pieces, give a better appearance and help to chew better
  3. Dentures , can partially or completely cover the gum and is removable thanks to the innovative adhesives that exist in the market. It is made with acrylic resin, although sometimes it includes metal parts
  4. Implants , are small pieces of titanium that are fixed to the lower or upper jaw and serve as support for artificial teeth. They allow the placement of one or more pieces and it is the most effective option as well as the most expensive one. The implants offer numerous advantages, for example, they come closer to the sensation that the natural teeth offer, they facilitate the suitable mastication what helps to improve the feeding, the speech and, of course, the appearance. The implants are made with biologically compatible materials such as titanium. However, not all people are ideal candidates for an implant since it involves a surgical intervention: the patient must be healthy and with a good healing process. Habits such as smoking and drinking can affect the success of an implant so it is essential that a personal diagnosis of each candidate is made.

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