Learn the steps for whiteness!

How many times has it happened to you that you are enjoying your food and unintentionally you stain one of your favorite shirts? This can fill you with anger and you think if you can eliminate that stain of the clothes in an effective way.

According to College of Agricultural Sciences, University of Puerto Rico There are effective and general ways to remove stains of clothes, it's just a matter of you identifying type of cloth and stain.

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Learn the steps for whiteness!


  1. Wash the stains as soon as possible, so they do not get impregnated in the fabric
  2. Do not use chlorine-based products on silk or wool fabrics
  3. During the removal of the stain, place the fabric on a flat surface
  4. If the stain is dry, brush it so the detergent removes it more easily
  5. Soak the garment in a mild detergent only for 30 minutes, no more time

Also, if you get dirty with chewing gum or wax, it is best to congeate the garment for a few minutes or pass an ice over the stain .


Detergent, the key to look flawless!

One of the products that will make you look impeccable is the Detergent , since the right choice will give you the power to remove any stain. One option to achieve this is Ace, which with its exclusive technology eliminates all the percudido and stains .

Therefore, Ace invites to participate in the challenge "a white love for Sandra Valeria", where 12 men from different countries of Latin America, will have to pass multiple tests to win the heart of Sandra Valeria.

From March 3, men must keep their clothes free of percudido, since according to studies, 80% of women would only go out with someone on a second date if their clothes look good. And you, do you keep your clothes clean?

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