Send a positive message!

The environment, as well as the spaces in which we live, influence the personal image, so that the way of interacting determines to a large extent the projection that will be had in each area. A key within that interaction is the attitude .

To learn more about the factors that influence the personal image , the specialist in the field, Álvaro Gordoa , explains in the following video how to improve your public image:

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Send a positive message!

The attitude is basic within the personal image because it determines the behavior, since if one is found with good or bad disposition, this situation will be projected to our environment and vice versa.

It is understood as the way of acting and acting of a person, so it strongly influences the behavior and body image , to such a degree that it can determine the relationships and societies of human beings, according to the specialist of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), María Teresa Esquivias Serrano.

"Our attitude when interacting, communication is used and this is something that we must always consider, even one can learn to have an effective communication, starting with knowing oneself and being assertive in the environment in which one develops, "he explains. University Digital Magazine .

When the message you give on a visual level is positive, the receiver assumes that other aspects of you are also positive, but if your visual message is negative, the other person may not want to take the time to find out what kind of person you are and the skills or qualities you have.

Like the rest of the public image , the attitude You can also work and improve, in order to react constructively to experiences, what shapes character and a way to interpret life more. positive .

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