Replace the milk and get the calcium you need!

Why stop drinking cow's milk? According to a study by Harvard University, most dairy products are rich in saturated fats and in retinol (vitamin A), a micronutrient that at high levels can weaken bones and damage your overall health.

In addition, excessive intake of this milk can prevent you from losing weight. In the next video, Deyanira Cano It explains other reasons why it is very beneficial to stop drinking cow's milk or ingest some of its derivatives:


Replace the milk and get the calcium you need!

For many years the theory has been maintained that milk is a great source of calcium; However, if we can not drink this milk, how are we going to acquire this mineral necessary for the bones?

To replace the consumption of milk without neglecting the daily intake of calcium that your body needs, the Harvard University Recommend consume:

1. Vegetable milks (flaxseed, almonds, soy or canary seed)
2. Broccoli, cabbage and green leafy vegetables such as alfalfa
3. Amaranth, oats
4. Walnuts, almonds
5. Honey
6. Orange

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Do not forget to supplement a good diet with the practice of some exercise, to maintain a figure free of fat and a healthy weight. It is also important that you release your body from stress so that your metabolism works properly. And you, how many times a day do you consume dairy products?

Video Medicine: Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods (Dairy Free) (September 2020).