Emotions influence overweight

The mind and emotions of the human being are very powerful, because they influence their Health , sexuality, mood and even overweight, according to Martha Sánchez Navarro, specialist in metaphysics of health .

The specialist assures that positive thoughts or decrees, of love and abundance generate a good figure as well as happy and stable personal relationships. However, when a person has negative or repressed ideas generates the accumulation of grease in your body, as a form of protection.

In this way, in an interview for GetQoralHealth , Martha Sánchez Navarro, explains the reason for the adipose deposits that some women register in the abdomen and legs:

For the specialist, the important thing is that the individuals make an introspection to find the feelings that are damaging their body and let the emotions and the energy is released throughout your body.

Remember that the overweight it is detonated by a badly channeled emotion, so avoid repressing your ideas and value everything that you have around you, so that your diet works correctly. And you, do you have any repressed emotion?

Video Medicine: Emotionally Overweight: 14b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles) (December 2022).