They deserve a home!

"How cute he looks. It would be nice to have it at home or as a gift, right? "It's a usual phrase when looking at a puppy; However, do you have an awareness of what it means to have a pet? According to figures from the Secretary of Public Health 120,000 dogs live in the streets in a state of abandonment.


In the anti-rabies centers, sacrifice 30 thousand animals per year, of which 50% to 52% are taken by their owners. The reason? They no longer have the time and resources to take care of them or do not care to do so, "he says. Carlos Esquivel Lacroix, Head of Liaison and Communication of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UNAM.


They deserve a home!

According to Esquivel, people regularly buy or acquire a pet with the idea that it is a disposable object. Since they only keep it for three months, for later abandon it on the street.

This action harms the pet who lives the abandonment, but also the health of the people who carry it out. This situation can generate problems, the expert Carlos Esquivel describes some of them.

1 Main risk They can become a mechanism of transmission of diseases for the human being.

2. They can be carriers of Rage bacterial

3. Pollution. A dog approximately urinates half a liter a day and defecates on average 200 grams. Secretions that will give to the atmosphere creating problems like allergies and infections.

4 .Security issues. Since it can generate aggressions to vulnerable groups such as children and people from Seniors .

5. They have a predatory activity. They form groups that in turn hunt animals like squirrels. This can cause a imbalance in the environment .

Unfortunately, the solution is not found in sacrifice, but in education. 80% of the dogs that live on the street were at some point a birthday gift, Christmas or kings.

Before acquiring a pet it is necessary that the following be fulfilled:

1. All members of the family must agree.

2. They have to analyze how much space they have and if they have the necessary economy to take care of it.

3. The knowledge that this commitment is not for a few months but for years.

If you want to find a pet to your "measure" a good option is adoption. Try it! If you are interested, you can request reports for free at 01800ADOPTAME (01-800-236-782-61) or visit the Internet page

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