Is life easier if you're

The ideal of beauty through the ages responds to specific phenotypic characteristics; for example the color of eyes, size of mouth, contour of face or determined corporal structure.

In accordance with Stephen Worchel Y Joel Cooper in his work Social psychology , the most beautiful people have difficulty creating a clear image of themselves, which gives rise to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. A beautiful person often questions whether positive opinions and comments are the product of their appearance alone.


Is life easier if you're "pretty?

1. Harassment Surely most of us like flattery; however, the harassment results when the compliments, glances and positive comments are so numerous that they are uncomfortable or suggestive.

2. Informality. It manifests itself when the woman feels that she is not taken seriously, especially when she hears comments like: "why work if you are beautiful, you can get a husband".

3. Pressure. When people consider a beautiful woman, they tend to focus more on the changes they present and the criticism becomes even more cruel, for example, to refer to the weight.


Fear of beautiful women?

A study conducted by the University of Valencia , indicates that beautiful women are more stressful for men, because they consider them as "out of reach" and are more concerned with how to conquer it.

Venustraphobia is the extreme case of fear of a beautiful woman, manifested by tachycardia, tremor in extremities, sweating or chills. This disorder is about explaining for a previous stage of the life of men in which they felt the rejection of a beautiful woman.

The ideal of beauty changes as time passes, and it is subjective. Remember that beauty is in the eyes of the viewer and should not be a parameter to measure a person's talent or ability.

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