Immersion, the key to achieve it

During childhood it is easier than let's learn a language, because our mind is hungry for knowledge, but, what is the best way to learn a language in childhood?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , John Moreno, coordinator of Educational Technology of AMCO, It states that in the global community, thanks to new technologies, it is very important that children dominate the way of communicating, mainly with the language that most countries consider international: English.


Immersion, the key to achieve it

From the part of developing training of the child so that he has the competence of global communication, it is very important that he learns the English language ", mentions John Moreno.

The best way for a child to learn English is by immersion, that is, to learn the second language as he did with the first, which can be achieved with the following points:


  1. Repeat a phoneme accompanied by an action
  2. The amount of English that the child learns is totally proportional to the amount of English spoken in the context where he develops.
  3. Be present in an English class where this language is fully spoken.
  4. Be assured of learning the language and speak it in public without embarrassment
  5. Teachers must motivate children and give them the necessary tools to build confidence and security

"The parents they must accompany the process of learning the language to reinforce it and not only check that they are learning the language ", by asking them to ask for breakfast, explains John Moreno.

Some of the activities parents can do is listen to audios on English , so that the child repeats the sentences, while the father qualifies the pronunciation of his son.

The parents have to find the best option so that the children learn English, that is, where the child immerses in the language and are not, for example, English classes in Spanish. The important thing is that they live the experience, concludes John Moreno.