How to prepare it

One of the physical conditions of the skin that bothers women the most is the cellulitis . To eliminate or reduce it, nature gives us very good allies, for example, Ginger tea to eliminate cellulite.

This tuber has anti-inflammatory, firming properties and is considered a natural fat burner. In addition, a study published byUniversity of medical Sciences , Isfahan, Iran, reveals that it is an excellent alternative for muscle pain and some experts recommend consuming it for patients with joint problems.


How to prepare it

It's very simple, you need a piece of ginger and water to boil. You should leave it at least 10 minutes boiling so that the properties of ginger Take advantage as it should be. After putting out the fire, it is recommended to let it rest for at least 10 more minutes.


It is recommended to drink it during the night so that it acts in a better way. At least it should be consumed for a month to see changes.

Likewise. Massages in circular movements can help the cells to activate and cellulite is eliminated. You can do the massages with a moisturizer for better movement.

Try this Ginger tea to eliminate cellulite and you will notice the changes in a few days!


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