How does it evolve?

The colon cancer It occurs on average from 50 years of age, and equally affects men and women. The main problem, as in most diseases, is that it is diagnosed in late stages, so that 8 out of 10 patients lose their lives in a short time.

During the Sanofi Summit 2013 , the doctor Ricardo Villalobos , head of the Medical Oncology service in the High Specialty Unit of La Raza Hospital, affirmed that the main risk factors are more than 50 years old, smoke , constantly suffer from abdominal swelling , Carry one sedentary life and have frequent episodes of constipation I diarrhea .

"If this is added to the fact that the person has sometimes bleeding at the time of going to the bathroom, weight loss and fatigue, the warning signal increases. In these cases, the ideal is to perform endoscopic studies to detect it. "


How does it evolve?

According to Villalobos, the colon cancer It is developed in four stages:

1. The Cancer It still does not affect the walls of the intestine.
2. It damages the walls of the intestine, but it does not cross it.
3. The cancer has already crossed the intestinal wall and affects the lymph nodes.
4. The whole intestine is affected and easily expands to other organs (metastasis )

In this regard, the owner of the Oncology Service of La Raza Hospital He specified that life expectancy in patients with colon cancer is 2 to 4 years and 70% of cases are detected until everything progresses.

Hence, the importance that people from the age of 35 or more practice one colonoscopy and precancerous cells can be detected early:

"Currently, for this type of cancer we treat it with chemotherapy and palliative biological therapy, and to prevent this we must lead an active life and consume fiber, in order to favor the intestinal transit ”.

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