Heels, seducers and deadly

In the city of New York, there is a school, Stiletto Spy School, that has turned a beauty instrument in a lethal weapon: the heels.

As part of a fad that emerged in the mid-30s of the last century, stilettos have become, in recent times, a tool of self-defense for many women who live in large cities such as Mexico.

For its characteristics, same or similar to the weapon from which they get their name. Stilettos are shoes that have a heel of approximately 1 cm in width and 10 to 20 in length.

Situation that allows them to be, not just a beauty instrument , but also a dangerous add-on.

The power of these pieces, which have been distinguished by making the leg look more aesthetic, is increased by the details that are integrated as part of the fashion: sharp rivets or metal.

For the psychologist, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema , stilettos or stilettos are instrumentos de belleza that they demonstrate to society, not only the beauty of a woman, but the power that she has over herself and in the circumstances that surround her, such as attacks or assaults.

The injuries that can cause stiletto heels are similar to that of a knife, can perforate and cause, in the worst cases, internal spills.

For this reason it would be useful to know what is the proper way to use this weapon. The ideal way is to hold the shoe by the area of ​​the big toe, with the sole pointing in the opposite direction to our body. Also remember that in an attack you can not release this tool since your aggressor could use it against you.

Crime is increasing more and more, which is why taking self-defense courses never hurts. What do you think?