Which vegetable oil is healthiest

It is impossible to think about Mexican cuisine without including the different types of fats which are used to brown, fry, stew, season or season all kinds of food. Although they are fundamental in the diet , experts in nutrition recommend moderate consumption and preferably, opt for those that provide more benefits to health.

Unlike fats of animal origin, vegetable oils By their nature, they do not contain cholesterol and also contribute Vitamin E, that acts as antioxidant . These help to avoid the risks of cardiovascular diseases, which facilitates the transit of blood and protects the arteries and the heart.

The vegetable oil is the one that is extracted from the seeds of some plants such as corn, soy or sunflower, among many others. We can find them as pure edible oil , which is obtained from a single type of plant, and as edible vegetable oil , when it comes to a mixture of oils.

Natural benefits of fats

The fatty acids , main components of fats, are intimately linked to life processes because they are the main reserve of Energy in the body. They also provide essential elements for growth and help maintain body temperature, because their digestion is slower than other nutrients, fats produce a feeling of fullness longer after eating, making us eat at more spicy moments.

All the vegetable oils They contain three types of fatty acids: saturated (few), monounsaturated Y polyunsaturated . Saturated fats, usually of animal origin, are very dense and clog the arteries, causing complications cardiovascular . In contrast, the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated contribute to protect the heart from the accumulation of fat.


Many oils to choose from

Information on the seed of origin and the contents of fatty acids appears on the label of most commercial oils. However, some include the legend "cholesterol free" although it is a truism, since it is a characteristic of all vegetable oils and not of a particular brand.

All types have the ability to highlight the flavors, aromas and textures of our food in their own way. Experts recommend choosing those that have lower percentage of saturated fatty acids , besides that we can find some brands that are enriched with compounds like Vitamin E .

According to studies of the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office (Profeco) , the most used vegetable oils in Mexican cuisine are corn, sunflower, canola and olive. In the market we also find those of safflower, sesame, sunflower, cotton and soybeans.

Each type of vegetable oil offers different health benefits by the kind of seed from which it is extracted and we can choose them according to our personal taste or for health needs in particular.

Which one do you prefer? What benefits does it give you?

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