Physical activity vs digestive diseases

The Digestive diseases They are the most common in the world population, Mexicans are not the exception. Various studies report that 21% of the population suffers from constipation chronic and around 20% suffer from irritable bowel syndrome , among others digestive diseases .

Some of the main causes of these digestive diseases are: diet poor in fiber , insufficient water consumption and little physical activity.

According to the results of some investigations, perform physical activity Moderate or intense in a regular way benefits the intestinal movements, which consequently can help reduce the risk of suffering constipation or other ailments.


How does exercise benefit digestive health?

1. The physical activity helps to reduce the time the food spends in the intestine ; In addition, it stimulates the contraction of the intestinal muscles, which helps the movement of the content to be faster.

2. The concentration of some substances and hormones that participate in the digestive process rise during the exercise, so assume that this is another mechanism by which the physical activity can help that process.

3. Studies on physical activity and digestive diseases have highlighted different types of exercises that benefit digestive health, from moderate activities such as walking or jogging, to long distance races like marathons. On the other hand, they have also been evaluated exercises that include stretches like certain positions of yoga .

4. The time of day on which the physical activity is the one that best suits the schedules and lifestyle of each person, however, it is recommended to exercise after an hour of having eaten so that the process of digestion of food is not interrupted and causes the opposite effect.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform physical activity of moderate intensity on a regular basis. If it is not done normally, it is necessary to go to a health professional before starting a regimen of exercise and do it in a gradual way. It is important to bring a diet correct with enough fiber (30 g per day) and liquids. Say no to sedentary lifestyle .

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Video Medicine: How Does Physical Activity Help The Digestive System? (September 2021).