5 tips to live with your granddaughters and grandchildren


The bond that exists between grandmothers, grandparents and their grandchildren and grandchildren is very special. For this reason, it is very important that you have the patience to live with them, since in addition to strengthening family ties, it is possible to have a good time. Some alternatives of activities that can be done to promote and strengthen the link between generations are offered here:


1.- Encourages the habit of reading . In addition to promoting love and taste for reading, they can live together more, interact and their union will become stronger.

2.- Share your hobbies . Show interest in the sport or activity that the granddaughter or grandchild likes; learn and you will see that the humor of both will improve noticeably.

3.- Talk . The children enjoy the talks where they can get to know their family a little more; funny stories that bring something.

4.- Cook . This activity, besides being fun and educational, is delicious. Both will learn and have a great time together.

5.- Remember that you should enjoy your granddaughters and grandchildren, without forgetting the rules and obligations that the mother, father or both have instilled in you.

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