How to take care of them?

According to the Mexican Foundation of Dermatology (FMD), Nail diseases, also called onychopathies, refer to any alteration that occurs in the nails. The most frequent conditions are mainly due to these factors:


  1. Trauma It refers to blows and deformations, caused mostly by the habit of biting them.
  2. Infections They include those conditions caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses or any other pathogen.

Therefore in GetQoralHealth , we present 10 things you did not know about your nails and their care.

1. Nails can manifest diseases. FMD indicates that being part of our body, the nails can reflect cardiac, pulmonary or genetic diseases. These conditions are reflected in their inadequate development.

2. The toenails are more prone to infections. This due to the footwear, mainly closed that can favor the growth and development of bacteria or fungi.

3. Warts. They are a type of viral infection that forms and looks like callus; They are contagious.

4. They also get inflamed. This is noted with a greater thickening of the nails, and is due to contact allergies, psoriasis or lichen planus.

5. They reflect cyanosis. This is a pulmonary disorder that is characterized by a blue coloration, a consequence of the lack of oxygen.

6. They are highly sensitive. They are the most sensitive organs of our body and of greater importance, mainly the tip.

7. Growth. The nails of the hands grow 4 to 5 times faster than the nails of the feet.

8. Seasons of the year. Nails grow faster in the summer season and less in the winter season.

9. Uña buried. The onicocriptosis or nail buried represents 6% of the medical consultation.

10. Proper cut. The proper cut should be square to avoid injury or the nails "burying". Avoid cutting very small nails in the corners.


How to take care of them?

In general, it is necessary to go to a specialist when the nails show changes in coloration (yellowish, brown or gray), that are seen thickened or detached from the skin or that are opaque.

In this sense the Mexican Dermatology Foundation (FMD) , recommends using comfortable shoes, especially in long walks, use an appropriate cutting technique: leave the corners, straight, never round. Take care and love your body!

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