A relief for the body

One of the activities that promotes not only the physical balance but also helps to create a bond of affection and closeness with your baby in the stage of pregnancy , is the practice of yoga , which provides a series of benefits for both.

Mental calm, physical strength , the opportunity to stay away from stressful situations and knowing how to control them when they present themselves, as well as having the opportunity to enjoy a moment especially for you and your child, are some of the proven riches that it offers to get involved in this discipline.


A relief for the body

The pregnancy It is a stage of great physical demand, as time passes and the weight gain is imminent, you may suffer from back pains , hip, swelling in the lower extremities, and also there are discomforts caused by the great surge of hormones that are in your body.

In this sense, the yoga It is ideal, since one of its principles, is just to mold the body in a natural way to strengthen the muscles, joints and bone system in a smooth and risk-free way.

"All the routines also favor the opening of the hip, which gives the baby more space for their development, while both the mother and the child facilitates their task at the time of delivery, it helps to relax their hips and thus, the baby's descent becomes simpler ", explains Alejandro Mingüer , certified instructor yoga .


Together from now

If you intend to perform the practice of yoga , it is important that you consider the advice of Alejandro Mingüer, certified instructor of yoga Your doctor must be aware of what you do yoga , he will tell you if it is convenient that you start with it.

• This discipline is recommended as of the fourth month of pregnancy , Never before.

• Make sure the place you attend is reliable and has qualified instructors.

• Your instructor should know how much time pregnancy you wear, as well as if you live with a condition or have an injury.

• It is important that you take care of yourself breathing while you practice: you should always be gentle and constant so as not to compromise the oxygenation of your baby.

• Your postures should always be safe, so if you do not feel comfortable with any of them, ask the instructor to give you some variation.

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