What are the worst oils for cooking?

Consume oil corn , canola Y soy It can take away your taste for cooking and open the door to diseases such as hypertension and overweight.

All contribute fats that are essential for your body, but there are some cooking oils that hurt you and their greatest danger is linked to the time that remains on the flame .

Less appetizing

1. Oils of animal origin. Butter or butter can make you vascular complications for the high content of saturated fats.

2- Corn and canola oil. They have a high caloric content and oxidize quickly. They are frequently used in homes and businesses because of their low cost.

3. Soybean oil. Especially if you have transgenic fats that can bring serious consequences to your health such as cancer and cardiac diseases .

Learn to cook

Cold or hot, oils of vegetable origin -except coconut, palm and cocoa - brings nine calories for each gram, but heating them up can hurt you more.

- Avoid heat it more than 30 seconds. When it starts smoke already darken it is a symptom of molecular decomposition.

- This increases the risk of suffering hypertension , high cholesterol and overweight .

- Releases chemicals that causes the compaction of its molecules and makes it heavier to digest it.

Enemy at home

The nutritionist Leticia Huerta explains that heating vegetable oil increases the amount of hydrogen and converts it into a fat saturated . Reusing it is not the best decision.

According to a study of the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office (Profeco) At the national level, soy, canola and olive oil are the most consumed in the country with 62% of households and 78% reuse it at least once.

The adequate intake of oils of vegetable origin is a tablespoon per day, divided between the three main meals.

One way to avoid cooking oils that hurt you is to replace them with cooking oil. olive, coconut or flaxseed .

Other alternatives for healthy cooking is cooking steam Yet the grill as long as it is gas and not coal. Do not carbonize your meat will avoid carcinogenic substances.

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