Goodbye diseases!

The practice of yoga improves our mood, makes us feel peace and connects us with our inner self, however, their powers go beyond soothing the mind, since there are ailments that are reduced with yoga, according to researchers from Mayo Clinic .

Through controlled stretching and breathing exercises you balance your mind and body to generate well-being and to heal your body of mild and chronic discomforts. The best of all is that everyone can practice it, because there are positions for beginners.

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Goodbye diseases!

Specialists of Mayo Clinic they detail that the yoga reduces risk factors of chronic diseases, as well as reduce the symptoms that can impact on the quality of life of people. Do you want to know in which conditions this technique is very useful?

1. Migraines . The yoga reduce the intensity of these headaches, as it helps reduce stress and balance the energy that circulates throughout your body, according to an investigation of the University of Rajasthan, in India . The ideal position to reduce them is the bridge.

2. Back pain. A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine details that weekly yoga classes reduce lower back pain and improve body movement

3. Depression . A study of University of Duisburg-Essen, in Germany notes that yoga helps calm the mind and improve mood in women suffering from depression by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter GABA.

4. Diabetes . According to an investigation of the American Diabetes Association , yoga can be used with an effective therapy in the reduction of oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes. It even improves the control of blood glucose.

5. Asthma . The patients who practice yoga they have a lower number of attacks at night, and even reduce the consumption of medications to control the disease, says a study published in the Ethiopian Journal of Health Science .

6. Hypertension . The yoga modulates the physiological system of the body, mainly the heart rate. A study of Kennesaw State University, Georgia , details that the reduction of stress with this method positively impacts blood pressure, leaving it at healthy levels.

7. Arthritis . People with rheumatoid arthritis who practice yoga reduce the symptoms of the disease, especially pain, according to a study presented at the 2011 EULAR Annual Congress.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of yoga , go to a specialist to help you define a series of positions that meet your needs. Remember to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to freely perform movements, as well as hydrate after practice. And you, how do you take care of your health?

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