Very popular tonic!

Various investigations explain how the properties of Apple vinager They help transform your body , from improving the appearance from your skin down to weight . Discover what are some Benefits that you can earn by consuming it properly.


The consumption of Apple vinager interferes with the absorption of carbohydrates and help reduce the level of sugar in the blood that occurs after a meal rich in carbohydrates for its content of acetic acid" , Explain Carol Johnston , researcher of the Arizona State University , in an articleDiabetes Care .

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Very popular tonic!

1. Hair. The Apple vinager It is used to give you more brightness and leave soft the hair . It helps to remove residues of shampoo or other products that you use for your watch out . Dilute in a cup ¼ of vinegar and the rest fill it with water, stir and rinse your hair.

2. Skin. It is used for remove the skin dead and the spots of face . The acid alpha-hydroxides help to finish the deposits of grease , which makes a skin softer and smooth . Apply one solution diluted in Water before sleeping to avoid irritation, takes care the contact with eyes .

3. Relaxation of the muscles. Because of its potassium content, it is key to the contraction and relaxation of muscles, as well as to prevent muscle cramps.

4. Oral hygiene The Apple vinager it works as a cleaning agent for the teeth and favors the decrease of bacterial plaque , as well as the elimination of bacteria . It is not about taking it, but preparing a light solution with Water Purified and brushed carefully so as not to irritate you.

5. Burn fat. This tonic is also an ally to reduce the grease abdominal. In the next video, Deya Cano explains what its effects are and the correct way to consume it.

In addition, the Apple vinager it works to prevent infections , arthritis , among others Benefits , although experts say there is still a lot investigation to sustain their properties .

Remember that consumption excessive , so much diluted in water or single for several times a day and a lot weather , May cause irritation of the stomach , as well as bone demineralization, warns the nutritionist Sara Abu-Sabbah .

Before starting with some remedy home to treat a health problem, it is very important that consult a doctor . Do not risk your welfare!

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