Feeling of reward

The sugar produces shocking effects in our brain , which are not very different from the one produced by drug , tobacco or alcohol.

When buying a brain normal with that of a obese or that of an addict to the cocaine , the normal have much more amount of dopamine, chemical substance associated with reward .


Feeling of reward

For example, when someone experiences a rewarding sensation when eating a tasty meal, the level of dopamine reaches its maximum point. However, for addicts it is just the opposite.

The peak of dopamine it only arrives in anticipation of reward , instead of doing it with the real reward. And when this is achieved, the effects are weak because the brain It has been flooded with this substance.

Studies show that addicts have fewer recipients of dopamine in its brain , therefore, the signals of this substance are sent more weak between the cells . What tobacco, alcohol and cocaine do to brain , the same thing does the sugar .

The researchers discovered that products rich in sugar Y grease they can be so addictive like cocaine. These stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do.

Many specialists believe that these products represent greater danger that drugs, for their accessibility . How much sugar do you usually consume per day?

Video Medicine: The feeling of reward - Elfar Adalsteinsson (March 2024).