Enjoy every opportunity!

When you buy a dress, a book and even a candy, you give your brain a dose of satisfaction. However, do you know how this explosion of endorphins benefits your health?


When you observe something that you would like to buy, an effect occurs in the left part of your brain, specifically in the prefrontal cortex, the release of dopamine. This not only improves your mood, but also helps to reorient your mind and the movements of your body, "indicates a study of the Brunel University .


Enjoy every opportunity!

Although you must buy responsibly, this action must undoubtedly be part of a healthy life. Discover why!


1. Take care of your abilities

According to an investigation published in the specialized magazine Neuron , the release of hormones that develops during a shopping episode can beneficially stimulate the immune system and help keep the mind agile.


2. It frees you from stress

Going shopping with a friend, relative or couple offers the opportunity to strengthen affective bonds and reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone; With this, the negative effects of this emotion on the organism decrease, according to the analysis of the American Psychological Association.


3. You avoid senile dementia

The mental, physical and social commitment of shopping can keep your perception intact even during old age. To achieve these results it is advisable to carry out this activity regularly.


4. Makes you feel more secure

An investigation carried out by Scott Rick, Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan , suggests that people who frequently experience anger and frustration because of the negative situations that happen to them, make better decisions when they go shopping because it makes them feel they have control.

Remember, it is not bad to enjoy this pleasure, as long as it does not harm your economy. Divide and manage your money correctly. Beware!

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