Enjoy a dignified and happy old age

When people exceed 60 years and as time goes by, they think that irremediably next year will be the last of its existence. However, reaching old age is not synonymous with the fact that life has come to an end, on the contrary it is a stage that can be enjoyed like any other. GetQoralHealth recommends the following to have a dignified and happy old age.

1. Take care of your personal presentation: try to fix yourself every day. Avoid walking around scruffy, dress your favorite clothes and put on perfume to smell rich.

2. Perform physical activity: You can go to the gym, walk in the park, go for a walk with your grandchildren and friends. Avoid extreme efforts, especially if you have heart problems or blood pressure . Before deciding on any activity, consult your doctor.

3. Keep negative thoughts away: Never believe yourself older and sicker than you really are. These kinds of thoughts only make you feel empty. Remember that nobody likes to be listening to stories of aches, diseases or hospitals. If you are sick, take care and take care of yourself. Do not forget that everything is a matter of attitude.

4. Cultivate optimism: Be positive in judgments, in good humor in words, smiling face, gentle in your gestures. You have the age that is exercised. Old age is not a matter of years but a state of mind.

5. Get active: try to be useful to yourself and others. Become necessary. Do your activities for yourself as much as possible and help others. Help with your example, with your joy, with a smile, with advice, with a service.

Life was made to enjoy it, no matter how old you are. Be happy to reach this age and be able to transmit your knowledge and experiences to future generations.

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