Do the people you love receive your work stress?

Stress is really a normal response of the body to what is called stressors. Under stress, the body "prepares" and reacts to that situation to protect itself. Once the stressor disperses, the body returns to its normal state. However, what happens when stress is produced by such a daily and necessary action as work?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth Pablo Verde, psychotherapist specialist in Coaching, points out that work stress can be difficult to detect, considering that for many it is "normal" to work under pressure or to be in an almost permanent stress, however, it is for this reason that we must be attentive and sensitive to situations, that put in risk more than our work, but our own health. Example, the jobs that demand much more of you, in as much as they give little or no control over the way you do it.


Do the people you love receive your work stress?

For Green when you start to feel headaches, stomach problems, increase or decrease in the average daily food intake, forgetfulness, anger, frustration and anxiety, your work stress is out of control. What in many cases can cause problems with your partner, friends and family, as it tends to vent this emotion in them. To avoid this, the specialist offers you 5 strategies.

1. Listen actively. This refers to paying attention with all the senses.

2. Detect people who stress you. Companions or bosses, remember that the culprits of this emotion are they, not your family or partner.

3. Define your stress environment. An example of this is a meeting, if you are aware that it stresses you, prepare yourself ahead of time.

4. Do not treat everyone equally. Remember, your pace of doing things or performing them is not the same for your partner or friends.

5. Take responsibility for your actions. About your own work and decisions no one is more responsible than you. Keep it always in mind.

Stress itself, as we have been able to realize, is not a disease, but it can be a cause of them. Work-related stress is generated by many causes, and in the same direction, has many solutions, where they intervene, from the programs and organizational strategies to the individual ones. Do not forget that you have the power of your actions.

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