Change your personality, changing your brain?

The brain it grows and changes as it does. Some experiences can change the brain as it develops, and those changes can influence certain personality traits, according to a study of the University of Minnesota .

The research, which appears in the magazine Psychological Science, determines that there is a correlation between the size of certain regions of the brain and personality traits, after a study conducted with more than 116 volunteers who underwent a brain imaging test while solving a questionnaire.

In this regard, they found that one of the regions of the brain , the medial orbitofrontal cortex (just above and behind the eyes), is significantly higher in the study subjects with a tendency to extroversion.

In accordance with Colin DeYoung , lead author of the study, the search for reward can be a primary factor in determining this type of personality trait.

"This kind of people gets more pleasure in things that have to do with certain social interaction, and they are also more motivated to look for the reward, which is part of the reasons why they tend to be more constant and firm."

Likewise, the study found similar associations for the more severe behavior associated with planning, neuroticism (tendency to experience negative emotions that is associated with sensitivity to threat and punishment), and kindness.


Change your personality, changing your brain?

Individual personality traits are formed before age 35, which means that we have the brain circuits facts to be able to face any situation and, therefore, we will think, to feel and act in the same way the rest of our days, explains Joe Dispenza, biochemist at the University Rutgers , New Jersey.

According to the specialist, people have the ability to build and drive their own brain , and through it influence the body and behavior. "The biggest habit we have to break is to be ourselves."

New studies show that it is possible to change certain personality traits in all stages of life. For this, we must modify our behavior, in order to have a new experience that in turn creates new emotions.

"The first step is always learn. While we are learning new information and we begin to think about it, we contrast it with our beliefs and analyze it, we are changing our wiring, building a new mind ".

Therefore, if you want to modify certain personality traits, you can achieve it if you keep repeating that experience, which is stored in a new system in the brain, and that allows you to move from thinking to doing, to being.

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