Talk to talk ...

"How bad that blouse looks!", "She has gained weight", "she needs to study more" ... Everyone will be human and will be subject to criticism. However, it is not as "bad" as you can imagine, even a study of the University of California It suggests that this is beneficial for health.


You can decrease the stress levels, especially if what is criticized is a negative attitude. The research participants presented high heart rates when discovering that an acquaintance was acting in a detrimental way, but their rhythm was attenuated when sharing what they had seen ", so notes Robb Willer, member of the study.


Talk to talk ...

Criticisms are not synonymous with harm, in fact they are a form of communication that expressed in a healthy way is beneficial.

That is why here we provide you with some tips so that you can carry them out properly, with information from the study "The art of relating" , prepared by the Town hall of San Sebastián de los Reyes.

1. Start by valuing the person, the relationship, their good and bad things; example, analyze if this person would take your criticism well and if it is worth doing.