Bus stops with phototherapy against depression

In the winter months there are high levels of depression in people, due to poor sunlight. Therefore, specialists have sought alternatives to improve the mood of the inhabitants as phototherapy against depression.

According to researchers from Mayo Clinic , phototherapy against depression is the ideal treatment to eliminate feelings of sadness, loss of energy and sleep disorders, as explained below:

Phototherapy or light therapy, which is easy to administer and has a low cost, has no side effects, so it is very safe and reliable. It involves exposing the patient to an intense light, under certain security measures.

For example, a box that emits fluorescent light (five times more intense than that of a house) is used, which stimulates the brain area that controls the biological clock of the body and stimulates the hormones that generate happiness.

The patient should sit in front of the light and close their eyes, either for 15 minutes or up to two hours, once a day, preferably in the morning. Some people can even perform other activities when they are treated, such as reading, writing, having breakfast or waiting for the bus.


Bus stops with phototherapy against depression

According to information published on the portal Surf Pajamas , a Swedish company offers light therapy to the inhabitants of Umea, Sweden, at bus stops.

Phototherapy is applied in more than 30 bus stops with the aim of reducing the levels of depression in the citizens. These light panels are powered by renewable energy. And you, would you like to improve your mood with phototherapy?

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