Advantages and disadvantages of new contraceptive methods

The civil society organization MEXFAM, pioneer for 40 years in the areas of reproductive health and family planning in Mexico, explains how effective they are and what advantages and disadvantages have modern contraceptives circulating in the market.

Emergency oral contraceptives (AOE) have proven effective in three out of four women. Efficacy increases if the dose is taken quickly after the unprotected relationship, depending on the day of the menstrual cycle in which the contact was made.

They are a good option for cases like this one or in cases of condom rupture, or rape. In the opinion of the MEXFAM experts, if the pregnancy is already in progress, this method has no effect It does not cause harm.

In case of vomiting in the two hours following the taking of the pills, it should be repeated the dose and can be applied vaginally.


Regulation through the skin

Subdermal implants are small rods or tubes that are inserted under the skin, usually in the arm , and that they release a synthetic hormone that prevents ovulation, in addition to making it difficult for sperm to enter the womb to fertilize the ovule, thus preventing pregnancy.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the obstetrician / gynecologistAlejandro Vázquez Alanis , explains that it is the subdermal implant:

The protection of subdermal implants can last up to five years; they are 99% effective during the first year, after their efficiency decreases gradually.

They have multiple advantages: they do not interfere with sexual relations, they regulate the menstrual cycle, eliminate colic and, by removing them, a woman's fertility easily recovers.

However, they can only be placed or removed by medical personnel and their cost is relatively high. According to MEXFAM, there are several types of implants whose effectiveness varies from 3 to 5 years.

The transdermal patch is a small square poultice (five centimeters per side) that adheres to the woman's body and releases, through the skin, a substance that contains two hormones and has contraceptive effects similar to the combination pills.

Its effectiveness is very high , similar to the contraceptive pills, if the instructions of use are followed meticulously. It has the same advantages of the pills with an additional virtue: it is more difficult for the woman to forget it, because it is a weekly application.

With this method there is a rest week after three of application. It has the disadvantage of cost relatively high and can cause the same discomfort as oral contraceptives.


Where she does not lose control

The female condom is a polyurethane sheath with two rings that fix it in the vagina to prevent skin-to-skin contact with the penis. If used correctly and in every sexual relationship, it is effective between 80 and 98 percent of cases. Avoid both sexually transmitted infections (including HIV-AIDS) such as unwanted pregnancies.

Among its many advantages, it allows the woman to control the protection during sexual intercourse, since she herself can place it and remove it easily (as if it were a tampon).

It can be placed up to 8 hours before intercourse and does not require withdrawal before the erection ends, as in the case of the male condom. However, the cost of the female condom is still relatively high.

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