10 warm-up exercises

Have you ever injured or torn yourself muscle when doing some physical activity? Maybe it happened because you did not do warm-up exercises prior to your specialized routine or your favorite sport.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the manager of Sport City Nutrition Rubén Lepe, explains the characteristics of the pre-exercise warm-up:

According to the Mexican Diabetes Federation , the warm-up exercises aim to avoid injuries , strains and muscle tears. Therefore, here we present a simple routine that will help you raise your temperature body and to enjoy good flexibility.

  1. Deny : Move your head as if you said no, so that your chin can reach almost to your shoulders.
  2. You accept Now move your head from top to bottom, as if you were saying yes.
  3. Balance : Move your head from side to side, so that your ear tries to touch the corresponding shoulder.
  4. Circles : Make circular head movements for the left and then for the right. Close your eyes while doing these warm-up exercises so you do not get sick.
  5. I dont know : Raise and lower your shoulders until they reach your ears and then relax them.
  6. Spiral : Open your arms and draw spirals in the air, turning forward and backward. Start at the center and open the circumference of the circles. Now, in the same way, move your wrists back and forth.
  7. March : With the arms at the waist and the back straight, lift one leg forward, flexing the leg, simulating that your thigh touches your chest and then lower it slowly. Alternate both legs.
  8. Semiflexion : With your legs apart and your hands at your waist, turn your back to the right and then to the left. It is important that your legs do not move.
  9. Squatting : Open your legs again at the height of your shoulders and bend the knees to make half a squat, it is important not to lower more.
  10. Active feet: Turn one foot to the right and then to the left. Then up and down. Repeat the exercise with the other foot.

Remember that all exercises of heating are repeated 10 times each and you can rest five seconds between them; Do them slowly and gradually, so you do not feel extreme exhaustion. Learn more exercises that benefit your body.

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Video Medicine: HealthWorks! Youth Fitness 101 - Warm Up | Cincinnati Children's (August 2020).