1. Show him the positive side

Treat every day with a person pessimistic It can be something that besides frustrate you , steal positive energy. And those attempts to ignore it or avoid negative comments will not always work; Being proactive can give you greater results if you have to "deal with" it.

The first step you must take is to try to be comprehensive ; Many people have the ability to express a point of view pessimistic based on informed logic, affirms Roderick Kramer , professor of organizational behavior in the Stanford Graduate School of Business .


But many other people are pessimists dispositional, that is, their instinctive reaction is to see the negative in everything, "adds Kramer.

These are some tips that can help you deal with that person pessimistic You're so close, whether it's a work colleague, a friend or someone in your family.


1. Show him the positive side

Argue with a pessimistic person is not going to take you anywhere, better show him alternative ideas that things can be achieved and ask the possible consequences, so you can use your negative perspective in a constructive way, says the psychologist Clay Tucker-Ladd in his book "Psychological Self-Help" .


2. Give support

Although it may seem complicated, the reality is that when you feel loved the pessimistic person will increase your security and level of self esteem , and will have more chances to have thoughts positive in life, indicates Juan Pundik , member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis .


3. Let him know his negativity

Many people who are pessimistic do not know it and of course they do not know the root of their problem. Arm yourself with courage and in the most tranquil way make him understand that his negativity has more to do with your attitude than with the things that happen in the world.


4. Be happy

You have to take responsibility for caring for yourself happiness and optimism, and take actions so that that pessimistic person does not "infect you". This can be by doing activities that help your mind as the yoga , and even go away for a while of so much negativity if necessary, indicates Raj Raghunathan , professor of University of Texas .

In your hands is not allowing a person pessimistic change your status cheer up , on the other hand, you who spread it with positive thoughts, you will see that even if the change is slow, you will end up winning the battle. The trick is to act as you want it to do.